Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm not a painter, but I brush a lot.

I'm not a painter, but I brush a lot.

What I mean is I paint occasionally and in different processes.

So one of my teachers surprised me the other day on my facebook wall when she posted
 a painting I did in 2006.
I no longer have this painting and what documentation I did of it was very poor so you can imagine my surprise that my teacher still had the documentation of the painting. Also my joy for seeing something I created a long time ago re-greet me in a digital, but very welcome and touching way.

It's a painting from a family picture of my younger sister and I when we were even younger.
I painted it in an amazing painting and process class I took at the time with Nicole Collins.
I always tell people if they are gonna take a painting class at OCAD take one with Nicole Collins.
Check out her website I implore you

Yes, I'm a fan of this woman, but for good reason it was one of the few painting classes where the definition of "painting"was loose. I believe at some point painting was even defined as the application of
paint to canvas and the paint can be anything and the canvas can be anything.

The relationship between materials, concept and processes was pushed and everyone made art that both challenged them and was beautiful. This class was dreamy, but I know that has a lot to do with the teacher and for that I'm grateful.

The process is encaustic (oil paint and wax) and then I craved into it and rubbed grayish, black ink into the crevices to create this painting of my sister and I.

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