Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Art In Process: When forces of attraction sleep together

                                                 Photos Courtesy of Sara Mir

Yesterday my collaborative partner and I installed about 15-20 gallons of sand in a abandoned funeral home and did all kinds of prep. We received a lot help and are so thankful for it.

In the morning my partner's friend helped us load up and drop off and gave us all sorts of good ideas to hide things since he is a stage hand. In the afternoon Sara Mir dropped by to help us document and brought her friend along to help. In the evening Derek and Chiedza helped us load, move and unload sand from their home to the funeral home. Which just goes to say, sometimes it takes a community to make a single art piece. Especially if it's installation art.

In between sand moving and dumping in the morning and evening there was also pillow prepping and painting in the afternoon. And even though it was exhausting we had fun.

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