Friday, July 15, 2011

Contracts: of the ceremonial and performance based rite of passage variety

My sisters are getting big so fast and are getting into official adulthood one by one.
Muna and Munira are already there and are doing their own thing which makes me puff up in pride at the young ladies they are quickly becoming.
One of them when they turned 18 asked me to draft a contract for adulthood for them.
Which is a pretty amazing and ceremonial way of entering adulthood.

So I drafted this contract for her with a help of a friend at the time and found it a few days ago when I was going through my googledocs. 
I present to you my sister's contract into adulthood. 


           Contract into adulthood

You understand that you could take care of a pet if you choose to.
You can choose not to vote for the right reasons if you choose to exercise that right.
That you must be up to current events to assume the role of the global citizen that you are/will be and study history to learn from it.

You understand you should embrace your inner child and not take yourself so seriously when appropriate and when not appropriate must conduct yourself in a way 
that you can take responsibility for you words, thoughts, actions.
In some instances you must learn to challenge yourself in new ways to
learn more from yourself and not necessarily improve, but grow from it.

You understand that you must try to experience a variety of things life has to offer…in order to identify new things about yourself. 

You understand that you must attempt to eat healthier when necessary in order
to take care of your body/self in the time you are given with it.
Also note that you must eat chocolate with responsible frequency (if you are fond of it eat it often enough that you are not denying yourself, 
however if allergic or have a distaste for it then please refrain).
Also note that you should be the hero only to yourself, 
and the invisible you that is always watching.
That you should help out where help is needed, but wait for the help to be asked.
You also understand that you must embrace your madness when necessary to
draw whatever you can/will from it or just to let it out to stretch it’s legs and arms.

You also understand that you must attempt to read as much as you can 
(to take in alternative medias) and bring it out once you have processed it 
with your critical understanding. 
Also note that you must attempt to have a heightened sensitivity to learning from yours and others mistakes. 
 You understand that you should follow your gut instincts and not question it (after all it worked for your ancestors for a long time so why shouldn’t it work for you). 
Also note that you must understand to attempt to undertake a relationship with words and language where you can look at it  and think about it. 
However, the definition of the intimacy of that relationship is entirely up to you.

You also understand that you must do things in your adulthood on your own rhythm, 
but within the lifetime of it. 
Also note that there are details and nuances you must attempt to examine more closely.
You understand that life is not measured in success and failure that you must just live your life and let others live theirs.

I agree to perform the work listed above, and I accept the terms of this agreement as stated above.




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