Wednesday, October 6, 2010

where i've been, where i'm going

 Etobicoke North, Ward 2, Rob Ford.
That area is wealth by the waterside and the poor, working class and migrants in the north.
Rexdale, Jamestown and Scarlett area ( I was raised in the Scarlett area ). I lived in different parts of Rexdale and Jamestown so this ward has a place in my heart and is one of my many homes.

This ward also has a place in the heart of the Somali community.
The ones that flew in from Pearson and invaded Dixon, Islington, Kipling,
Jane, Finch and Scarlett, My community.
My community that is a refugee community, my community that is large families, stretching dollars, humiliation and trauma. My community that escaped violence, bloodshed, starvation
only to find that those things greeted us here as well.
My community of strong women and mostly mal-adjusted men.
My community that is alienated almost entirely by Rob Ford except when they are complaining about TCHC because he can't resist putting social housing workers in their place.

All that aside Rob Ford was the one who blew the whistle on the special diet forms( ODSB and OW) that were forged by the humanitarian doctor  in Chinatown. He helped hustling mothers make ends meet for their kids. Welfare fraud, and the( taxpayers money protection)... ha! excuse me while I throw up!
What about corporate frauds or those horrible class of lowness in people that hustle old folks for their hard earned and saved money? why not declare war on them?
obviously here is a place where it's 50 % class war and 50 % race war.

Indignation Aside.

This was a peice that was apart of the Torono Art Map by Manifesto.
This is a map of Ward 2, Etobicoke North, Rob Ford's ward.
Ward 2 has lived under Ford in Rob form and before him his father, Doug Ford.
The peice was an offering to Rob Ford from his constiuents.
I cut up the book "Dude, Where's my country" by Michael Moore. Some books are so terrible they need to be deconstructed and reconstructed into art. I feel the same way about books being so incredible that they need to be dissected to make art out of them. The art book is a source of inspiration and rejection in terms of the materials I use.

I made figures: a woman wearing a gabarsaar and dress, a man dressed as a traditional somali nomad, a man in western clothes and a woman in western clothes.
They are walking where land meets air, the sun is setting and they are moving west or migrating west. They are the immigrants of my community, of Etobicoke norths' many communities, that are unstatused, statused, immigrants, refugees, migrants.
They make up the largest number of unstatused migrants in all of the neighborhoods of Toronto.

On top it reads In the Name of the God,  the Most Beneficant, the Most Merciful.
And at the bottom left hand corner it reads in memory and honour of those who came before us.  This is an honouring of my ancestors, but also an honouring the ancestors of this land.
This is also meant to acknowledge my being a settler on this land. I gave it to him to give him the real Etobicoke and not the wealthy uppercrust Etobicoke he looks out for. To give him people immigrating to illustrate yes I'm a migrant, but so are you. It's in his office and is something he is forced to look at day in and day out to remind him....
I was/am hopeful that it would/will at some point in the future evolve him. 

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