Friday, August 27, 2010

2005: Art from a long time ago

2005: Africanized Apropriation, Bishara Mohamed

Multi-media performance

A performance I did that was an apropriation of a performance Marina Abromovic performed.
When Marina did the performance she made reference to the cannibalization of brotherhood that was taking place in the Balkans. The civil war that was faith based in that region and how she did it was
different as well.  She had 2,500 peices of beef she cleaned with a scrub over a period of 3 days.
When I did it I wore traditional Somali city gal clothes, sang folk songs and cleaned and ripped apart assorted peices of beef and goat by my bare hands for an hour at this point in my life I was vegan. Alongside the performance I played a modern history of Somalia as a video beside me using images that were very familiar within the past two decades.

1995: Balkan Baroque, Marina Abromovic

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