Saturday, July 17, 2010

letter to blog # 3

dear blog

i have been inconsistent...however i do not apologize for it this time since there is times
where my presence becomes my absence and it is necessary for me to disappear.

it has been some time since we last corresponded we last spoke of seeding and growing.
i was in a place of seeding and waiting and watching growth, change.
i burried my seeds in the ground and waited... i did the same with myself.
i seeded and seeded in all areas of my life from my garden to myself and waited and watched and
what grew out of the seeds that were sown were definately what was resiliient and necessary and what failed to germinate despite all my power and efforts ... did not in my garden and in my life....and there are many reasons for both, however sometimes things are beyond you and it just makes sense to start again and again....there is power in repetition.
however my seeds that have grown to seedlings and sturdy little plants are my metaphor for my growth and being in a better space/place with myselfالحمد لله  ...and am extremely thankful for this lesson.

i'm still trying to grow gardens in neighborhoods i call home for different reasons... strangely i have been met with some resistence from both hoods....which i would have never imagined, i get it though...
i just get tried of hearing people say "i don't know...." or "its hard to say..." and would like at some point for the feelings and attitudes to go down the street of "well let's see if ...." or "what would happen when...."
because this is when the magic happens.

Love always

Bishara Mohamed

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