Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lulaay iyo Malaay ( Salmon and Pearls )

Documentary's are funny, especially since I have never done one and approached
 this documentary like an animation.
back up

I started this documentary accidentally when my grandmother died in 2008. I was looking for pictures of my grandmother to paint her portrait I kept finding pictures of my mom and I when we migrated to Canada and how those picture told a story on their own. We stood far from to each other and we never smiled. I was raised by my grandmother and my mother and Canada were two introductions at the same time that overwhelmed  me.
 I collected those pictures not planning on an art project but for documentation purposes. In the process of collection there was also a process of re-remembering what my grandma told me  about my mom and how I knew my mom without knowing her at all very intimately.

At some point last year I decided I'm making this documentary it's a documentary that looks at myself, my mother and my grandmother back and forth in the generations ( especially my mother) . Thus the official date being july 2009.

I have been collecting pictures for almost a year.
I should have a lot of pictures, however my family has nomadic values for some things in the sense that they don't value pictures so finding the few pictures have always been damaged or dirty in some very tactile way of holding a stain on the memory.

However the stories are told and re-told as our identities are events in history.
"tell me how you and daddy met"
"what was my mom like when she was pregnant with me"
"how did I re-meet my mom"
"how did we get to Canada"

It's interesting that their stories are the most valuable thing my grandmother and mother possessed of experience and what they choose to carry with them in terms of re-living, remembering and re-telling often.

I have been writing for a few months and cutting and re-writing.

I have also had some re-structuring and starting and stopping and waiting and going as such is the creative process when it's funded by other sources of funding that aren't personal.

But I know it will get done Insha Allah.

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